The E Club+ is Mobile! (Again)


In the beginning of the year, The E Club+ got a mobile version. Soon after that, we migrated the site to a new server when was going to shut it down. A couple weeks ago, we redesigned The E Club+'s homepage. Now, I'm happy to add a new event onto the social network's rather eventful 2014 timeline: The E Club+ is now responsive.

The number of people who go online on smartphones and tablets is growing every day, and many sites now have mobile versions to help mobile users navigate and access information faster and easier. Now, with its cutting-edge responsive design, The E Club+ has joined the mobile revolution.

If you go on The E Club+ on a smartphone, tablet, or smaller-sized laptop, you will notice that the join form on the homepage is under the text. Due to technical reasons, smartphone users can't see the full width of either of them, but the header (with The E Club+'s logo on it) is the full width of the screen. Log in or join and you will be taken to the +iClub which scales perfectly to the size of any screen. Explore the rest of The E Club+ on any device and you'll find this is true throughout the entire site.

Enjoy the new updates!

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