More updates on The E Club+ coming in July


The E Club+ was shut down in April along with other free sites powered by We were notified that this was going to happen in February, and since then we have worked to move and rebuild The E Club+ at another server, x10Hosting. We have, and it's still located at, but we have redesigned and improved it so it's a much more powerful social utility than ever before. The E Club+ still runs on Oxwall, and I can gladly say that there are many new updates coming to The E Club+ through Oxwall in July. The most significant one is the introduction of +Messenger, the combination of +Mail and the newly-introduced +Chat. This will make casual communications easier than ever. +Photos will also be redesigned, introducing a new, innovative look, hashtags, and more. Other updates and tweaks will be included as well. Now that The E Club+ is safe at x10Hosting, great new things can happen. In the past few months, we've already redesigned the homepage so that it's easier than ever to join, added better anti-spam measures, redesigned the entire site so it works better on any device (even without using +Mobile, which excludes many features of the regular site for now), and added a variety of new features for users to use and enjoy. More information about the upcoming updates can be found on my +Blog at The E Club+.

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