The E Club+ is Mobile! (Again)


In the beginning of the year, The E Club+ got a mobile version. Soon after that, we migrated the site to a new server when was going to shut it down. A couple weeks ago, we redesigned The E Club+'s homepage. Now, I'm happy to add a new event onto the social network's rather eventful 2014 timeline: The E Club+ is now responsive.

The number of people who go online on smartphones and tablets is growing every day, and many sites now have mobile versions to help mobile users navigate and access information faster and easier. Now, with its cutting-edge responsive design, The E Club+ has joined the mobile revolution.

If you go on The E Club+ on a smartphone, tablet, or smaller-sized laptop, you will notice that the join form on the homepage is under the text. Due to technical reasons, smartphone users can't see the full width of either of them, but the header (with The E Club+'s logo on it) is the full width of the screen. Log in or join and you will be taken to the +iClub which scales perfectly to the size of any screen. Explore the rest of The E Club+ on any device and you'll find this is true throughout the entire site.

Enjoy the new updates!

The E Club+'s new homepage


At The E Club, we know that first impressions count. People do judge a book by its cover, and this also applies to websites and apps of all kinds. No matter how good a site's content or services may be, people generally tend to make judgements about websites in about 50 milliseconds or so.

Before The E Club+ migrated from, its homepage consisted of a large version of its old logo (a smaller version was on the header of the site) and quite a bit explaining its philosophies about member privacy, ease of use, and so on. After the migration, the interim design for the homepage was the simplified join form (similar to the one that's on the homepage today) accompanied by significantly less content about The E Club+ as well as buttons that let visitors join with their Facebook or Google account. The background was completely white except for the main menu of the site (but for people who hadn't joined, the only main menu item was the homepage they were on) and the redesigned logo. Yesterday, since the migration and design of the site were complete, we thought it was time for a redesign.

Today, I'm happy to say that the homepage of The E Club+ has been successfully redesigned. The dull, white background of the old homepage has been replaced by a stunning, high-def version of iOS 7's nebula background (we're planning to add more backgrounds in the future). We saved space for more content and more background to show through by putting the labels that were once next to the input fields in the input fields themselves thanks to HTML5's placeholder attribute. The main menu, which was unnecessary on the homepage, has been replaced by a bar at the top of the page with The E Club+'s logo and a link to the login overlay, and the footer has been redesigned to be more transparent than ever before. And, as an added bonus, we redesigned The E Club+'s favicon to reflect the new minimalistic ethos of the homepage.

The good news doesn't end here. In July, The E Club+ will get an update from Oxwall that will add even more awesome features to the site. And around that time, we will work to bring the new awesomeness of the homepage to the rest of the site.


More updates on The E Club+ coming in July


The E Club+ was shut down in April along with other free sites powered by We were notified that this was going to happen in February, and since then we have worked to move and rebuild The E Club+ at another server, x10Hosting. We have, and it's still located at, but we have redesigned and improved it so it's a much more powerful social utility than ever before. The E Club+ still runs on Oxwall, and I can gladly say that there are many new updates coming to The E Club+ through Oxwall in July. The most significant one is the introduction of +Messenger, the combination of +Mail and the newly-introduced +Chat. This will make casual communications easier than ever. +Photos will also be redesigned, introducing a new, innovative look, hashtags, and more. Other updates and tweaks will be included as well. Now that The E Club+ is safe at x10Hosting, great new things can happen. In the past few months, we've already redesigned the homepage so that it's easier than ever to join, added better anti-spam measures, redesigned the entire site so it works better on any device (even without using +Mobile, which excludes many features of the regular site for now), and added a variety of new features for users to use and enjoy. More information about the upcoming updates can be found on my +Blog at The E Club+.