The E Club+: Elegance is Key


At The E Club, we believe that elegance - in web design terms - is a synonym for simplicity and appeal to everyone. And we believe that The E Club+ is achieving such elegance.

The original plans for The E Club+ back in August 2011 were for it to be a backup for The E Club Social - The E Club Social Beta - maybe with a few new features thrown in. If The E Club Social ever malfunctioned or ever got shut down (neither of these happened), The E Club Social Beta would become the new The E Club Social.

A few months into this plan, The E Club Social showed no signs of malfunctioning. So, on September 21, 2012, The E Club Social Beta became The E Club+, no longer a beta-testing backup for The E Club Social. So, what does this have to do with elegance and simplicity? When The E Club+ was still The E Club Social Beta, it was supposed to be a mirror to The E Club Social itself, with the same designs and features. But when The E Club+ was born, we had freedom to do anything at all possible with the site. Since The E Club Social wasn't very simple or elegant (no offense), we decided to go in the other direction with The E Club+ and make it very simple and elegant.

Although its name changed, The E Club+ is still the same site as The E Club Social Beta, with the same features and original members (plus a lot more since then), but we changed its URL from (adding the "beta" to the end would make it too long) to (to match the new name), and later to (like it is now). After the name change, tons of things, from tiny details to site-wide changes, were changed and upgraded to make The E Club+ the greatest of The E Club's social networking attempts yet. (The E Club Family actually had three; The E Club Social, The E Club+, and The E Club Zone, which flopped and was phased out.)

After about ten months with this renaming that basically transformed the entire site, The E Club+ is now standing strong at its best so far. With a lot of members, a line of awesome services, a bunch of epic features, and very detailed design, The E Club+ has now proven that the simplicity and elegance we modeled it to have is a success. Since July 2011, The E Club Social has 9 members. Since August 27, 2011, The E Club+ has double that amount, 18 members. And we hope this is just the beginning of The E Club's social networking endeavors and The E Club Family itself.