A Few Updates in The E Club Social Networking


As The E Club Family Websites continue to advance in social networking, we have made a few changes to The E Club's social networking division, solely promoting The E Club+ (also listed are updates about The E Club's social networks):
  • The E Club Zone has been phased out. In all of our efforts to save it, we couldn't find a way for it to be integrated into The E Club and its various social tools. Instead, we're focusing on The E Club Social and The E Club+.
  • The E Club+ now has 13 members! The E Club+ was created over a month after The E Club Social, and our latest innovation beat The E Club Social by 4 members (so far).
  • The E Club+ Blog is being improved. As The E Club Family gets more advanced, the designs and styles of The E Club+ Blog (among many other sites) are being modified and improved. For example, when you click on a search box or a form field, it has that fancy blue border. That's part of the redesign.
More updates will be posted here, so stay tuned.