The E Club+: Improvements, New URL, Plusses, and even more Plusses.


As said in the last entry, The E Club Social Beta has become The E Club+. Now, we have taken a step farther in the transition from The E Club Social Beta to The E Club+.

First of all, with some collaboration from, The E Club+'s main host, we have successfully changed The E Club+'s URL to! This makes The E Club+'s URL a whopping 2 characters shorter than before (it's even shorter than its "shortened" URL:!), and it also matches its real name. The bad thing is that I've made so many links to the old URL, and those links are officially invalid.

Also, we've changed the logo AND favicon for The E Club+. Check it out below:

Last of all, we've been changing the names of The E Club+'s services. For example, SocialTV is now +Entertain, because now members can share videos and Flash games through it. No, Google+, The E Club+ is NOT copying from you. I don't know how many times I've said this, but I made it up for a then non-existent social network that I could make. I came up with The E Club+ even before Google+ came out. Of course, I didn't copy the "+"s before each service's name, either.

We hope to have many more exciting improvements and changes for The E Club+ in the future. For now, those of you who didn't join The E Club+, join today!

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